We tailor the trip to your needs and we don’t shape you for the trip!

What is TraveLust?

First, let’s be clear: we’re not a travel agency and we don’t do agency work for any company. Travel is a sense of our life, we collect experiences in the strictest sense of the word. In addition to our experience and previous guided tours based on custom plans, we have dreamed up a modern concept to provide personalized help with travel arrangements. To make all this clear, we have created the figure below, which essentially reflects what are the 3 main aspects that show why it is worth choosing us.

The triangle of the TraveLust concept
shows you what this unique service offers:




Has it ever happened to you that a relative or friend of yours enthusiastically told you about his vacation, or that a group of travelers in the travel group praised a city and as a result you booked the same, but still didn’t get what you wanted? 

Uniqueness is nothing more than the transformation of the given destination into your image. With the help of our questions we map your needs, get to know your travel habits and goals. You will tell us what you want and we will prepare your absolutely personalized itinerary.

Your vacation is about you, the real “my time” where you do what you want and what really turns you off. We tailor the program to you, and you don’t have to compromise on the program.

If you really want to let yourself go, focus only on vacation and relaxation, then TraveLust Photoshoot is for you. Your own photographer / video maker will capture and make your vacation even more memorable.


Do you have a financial advisor, a personal trainer, a gardener, a maid, a babysitter? They all help you to have more free time. Why would spend precious hours planning your vacation when you can have your own travel advisor? TraveLust gives you the most value thing – time. As it takes a lot of time to read a lot of information, take notes, put together a program, book a flight, transfer / book a car, find the right insurance. ‘It will be as there will be’ type of vacation  will be equal to disaster. You just sit back, enjoy the time you save and let TraveLust research, plan and logistics for you.

We find the cheapest flight tickets, the perfect accommodation and of course we guarantee local knowledge in the form of a complete TraveLust travel guide.


If you have so far been aware that traveling is a luxury and destinations with a bucket list seems unavailable to you, pay attention, because with TraveLust you, will save you at least 30-50% of the prices of travel agencies. We don’t have any hidden costs, extra payments indicated in small print.

We will deliver you to the given destination at the given time as cheaply as possible.

With TraveLust you just win! With the money saved, you can extend your vacation or choose a higher category accommodation, but we can also make another trip available for you.

Let’s look at two examples that have already been implemented:

2019- Iceland

TraveLust mode: 5 full day return flights + accommodation in a hostel + car rental for the whole period 150 € / person (for 3 people)

Average travel agency offer: 5 days-4 nights, hotel ***, with breakfast and optional excursions approx. 1.150 € / person

2016- Sardinia

TraveLust mode: 5-day / 4-night return flight + accommodation with beach pool *** + La Pelosa Beach excursion 120 € / person (for 4 people)

Average travel agency offer: same airline, same hotel, 60% more expensive in the same month

Once you are familiar with the TraveLust concept, let’s clarify what we can do for you:

Travel consulting

That is, if you get stuck in the organization or if you are not sure that the program you have put together is complete, we will be happy to review and help you make the most of your vacation. Feel free to contact us for any travel information.


TraveLust travel itinerary

Unique, personalized travel planning, through which one savvy guarantees the perfect trip. In each case, we will supplement the travel itinerary with tips, our own experiences, recommendations and a map designed for you, so that you can find your way around flawlessly. As part of our comprehensive organization, we hunt for low-cost airfare and help you with anything you ask for. All in all, we will find the best value for money accommodation, and we will help you book a transfer, rent a car, buy a ticket in advance so you don’t have to wait in line for hours, but we will also be happy to book a table in your name at the best restaurant in the area.

TraveLust photoshoot

The aim of the new trend is not to click constantly during your trip, but to experience and live the moment, let our photographer take creative pics about you while you relax and vacation.

Finally, you can’t make the annual series in one studio, but up close during your trip, relaxing stress-free. Plus, you don’t have to deal with travel arrangements because we also take that burden off your shoulders.

TraveLust organizes it, and tour guide #norcsyphotograpy conjures up an eternal memory of it.

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