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You can read our blog posts about our lives here in the Azores. We got to know the local people, to visit and live there is completely different, we experienced and got to know local attractions that tourists don’t have the opportunity to visit here. Our experience of gastronomy, culture, sports and everything related to the island of Sao Miguel, which is only a small part of what is described here. For this reason, feel free to contact us with any questions using the contact box below via the e-mail address

Wedding in the Azores, or make your dreams come true and say ‘I do’ on a truly special European island, even as part of an oceanfront ceremony. You can also inquire about this at the e-mail address already mentioned or click on the button below for more info.

The wonders of the Azores, hydrangeas

The wonders of the Azores, hydrangeas

The fascinating natural wonders of the volcanic Azores have been mentioned several times. The varied green hills, blue and green lakes with incredible shades, waterfalls and black sandy beaches have also come to bloom this year, the flowering of hydrangeas, whichis the peak of plant lovers has come. Thousands of tourists are amazed at these colorful, rarely, fotball sized flowers year after year.
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